Our seasoned staff knows the importance in making your event a success!


Lawrence Lopez


Lawrence Lopez, the founder and CEO of Technical Event Partners Inc., has been creating memorable moments through AV  since the early 90's. He found a niche for himself growing up in a church as a sound volunteer and realized his calling and  passion for AV. 


His first foray into business technology came working for Priority Systems in the early days of  computer networking, where he quickly developed his hard work ethic for quality execution. He discovered his true calling through his initial work with Filament Pro Audio and also while working in the Hotel AV industry. His skill and passion further developed during his work for a well respected  AV company based in Orange County. 


All of his combined experiences led him to pursue the  American dream of owning and operating his own business. Technical Event Partners started in his garage in 2008,  and has grown every year since its inception. TEP has become well known as the quality leader in high-end events with high-end gear and top-notch customer satisfaction. 


Lawrence, his wife, and 3 sons reside in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. He enjoys  family time and finding great adventures near and far. 




Luz Lopez


Luz Lopez is one of the founding partners and CFO of Technical Event Partners. She oversees all the legal and financial operations, and has been since the beginning. She has a strong background in operations and is an integral part of the support system of TEP. But her joy is found in raising her 3 boys, and instilling the values of faith, family and hard work.




Aaron De La Cruz


Aaron De La Cruz has more than 30 years’ experience in both the AV and music industries. At the early age of 12, he began playing piano and also running the AV for his mother’s church in Southern California. Through the past three decades, he has developed professional-level skills in music studio production, songwriting, singing, music directing, programming and event planning for houses of worship. He has extensive experience as a performer and as a sound technician for other performers, which has helped him cultivate an ear for quality sound. These collective experiences make up his rare balance of both technical and artistic skill, which gives him the unique advantage for knowing how to best serve his clients’ needs. 


Aaron, his wife and 4 children reside in Chino, Ca. Taco Tuesdays, family movie nights and spontaneous drives to find donuts are what the “DLC’s" are about. 




Julian Soriano


Julian Soriano, Lead Video/LED Tech, has been involved in AV since he was a teen, and his excellence and passion for quality production and service is a reflection of that. His work ethic and commitment is rarely matched and clients have come to request him job after job. Whether it is building a video wall for the country’s largest raves to servicing local and international corporate meetings, his attention to detail is second to none. 


Julian resides in Chino Hills, Ca and enjoys watching sports, movies, attending ComicCon and keeping up with the latest in technology.